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Your Optometrists in the Santa Cruz area!

Your Optometrists in the Santa Cruz area!

Our Opticians’ Pick

1 Opticians PhotographsCan’t see yourself clearly when trying on new eyewear?

Afraid you’ll choose the wrong frame?

Making a decision about your eyewear goes beyond good vision and makes a statement about who you are. Your decision affects how you see and also how you want to be seen by others. But with so many different styles to choose from, getting the right look for your face and your lifestyle can be overwhelming.

So, let us take photos of you (and several eyewear choices) with our new Optikam, and we’ll e-mail them to you so you and your friends can see you in them before you commit to buying them!

How is that for convenience?

Here are our Opticians Top 10 Frame picks!

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- Zero G

Zero G: Hand-crafted in Japan using 1-piece of titanium. No screws. Extremely light.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- Masunaga

Masunaga: Hand-crafted in Japan by the oldest frame manufacturer in Japan, established 1905.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- Avantek

Avantek: The rimless frame with no drill holes in the lenses, for drastically reduced distortion and extremely light weight.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- OWP

OWP: Precision made in Germany.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- Koali

Koali: Colors and shapes inspired by nature. Manufactured in France.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- OGA

Oga: Men’s European Fashion Eyewear featuring outstanding comfort and fit.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- Maui Jim

Maui Jim: The best optics in prescription or non-prescription sunglasses.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- Oakley

Oakley Ophthalmics and Sunglasses: Best for active wear.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- Switch

Switch Vision by Liberty: Features 2 pairs of magnetically-mounted lenses, which can be switched easily from polarized sunglass lenses to lightly-tinted sports lenses.

Eyeglasses in Santa Cruz- Liberty Sport

Liberty Sport: Safety and Sports Eyewear