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Keeping the Home Atmosphere Eye-Safe


As September marks Home and Sports Eye Safety Month, we're going to focus on ways to keep your home safe for your eyes specifically when choosing toys that are safe for your child's eyes. It's important to be proactive to guarantee your house is safe for your children's eyes.

Naturally, babies enter the world with an partially developed optical system that grows as they get mature. As part of regular baby optical development, infants can see objects at close range only. A youngster's optical system is constantly stimulated as the individual grows. Children's games and toys can be one of the fastest ways to stimulate children's vision. Nevertheless, it's important to consider that most childhood accidents occur at home, many with games and toys.

What's the simplest way to avoid accidents? There are several precautions you can take when choosing games for the home that are safe for your child's eyes.

Firstly, ensure long-handled playthings – such as a pony stick- aren't sharp-edged, and closely oversee youngsters under two with such toys. While blocks are generally fine for children of all ages, it's best to check that the corners are blunted, in order to prevent eye or other bodily injury. It's suggested that you steer clear of toys that shoot objects in the air, such as slingshots or dart guns. In an instance where you can't eliminate them altogether, then shooting toys should only be used when accompanied by a responsible grown-up. When letting older children play with a chemistry set or woodworking tools, make sure he or she wears protective goggles.

In addition to toys, other household threats might be present that you want to be on the look out for. Corners with a sharp edge that are found on counters or tables are a common cause of injury for shorter children and should be protected. Cleaning solutions that are not stored properly are another source of danger for children and need to be stored away or behind a locked cabinet to prevent curious children from obtaining them.

While it's true that toys may not always be totally harmless, there are lots of great playthings that can benefit a child's eyesight. There are a number of toys tailored to certain stages that offer terrific ways to grow optical development. When selecting toys for children, look for those that emphasize coordination between the hands and eyes and will help youngsters to learn about colors, shapes and space. It can also be a good idea to look on the Internet before making a purchase. This way you can do your best to make sure your purchase will protect your children and will enrich their optical development at the same time!